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About Chanshow
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The four years I've been in Chanshow

Time is really the most amazing thing in this world, she has stolen four years of my life unconsciously. When I was working in my last job, I got to know Jack Gu, the founder of Chanshow. My story with Chanshow begins.

At the beginning, I was just an agency accounting for Chanshow. At that time, I was doing my job in accounting firm, which I had worked for 5 years. Actually, acting as a bookkeeper for Chanshow was my part-time job. At the beginning of each month, I came to office in GUOHUA building to check the bank documents, contracts, invoices, payroll, and etc. I completed monthly bookkeeping and tax declaration after review. Once, Jack took me to the subway station at noon on one Saturday, he asked me if I was interested in joining Chanshow. I was a little surprised. Although I had little contact with Jack Gu, I was deeply attracted by this founder's vision, ambitions, as well as his enthusiasm for work. So I decided to accept his challenge, leaving my familiar work environment, away from my original work partner and my original purpose of life—To be a Partner of accounting firm. I became an employee of Chanshow on Sep 8, 2017.

My first month at the company was busy and anxious. I never handled any work other than accounting. I joked that I wouldn't even answer a phone call. With other's help, I got familiar with the business process very soon. Usually, it was a person's office, Jack often went on business trips, and the other two partners also went on business trips in their own areas. They worked very hard. The only thing I wanted to do was to help them in the office as much as possible. Jack often taught me to analyze and deal with problems from the perspective of customers. Learn to put yourself in others' shoes. This is becoming one of my working styles.

In the second year of the company, my first subordinate, Yura Xu was coming! Yura was a very smart and quick- learner girl, full of great character. Sometimes I felt corrupted because she was so careless to screw up something. After a period of time, she could handle things independently, that was so wonderful! This was my first subordinate. Although she left chanshow after two years, I saw the infinite possibilities of human beings from her progress.

In 2019, I was under a lot of pressure because of the rapid increase in orders, more details and complexity in work. I could not help crying when I was reporting work to Jack. Jack did not abandon me, but patiently helped me to analyze the current situation and the source of pressure, just like a father educating his daughter. This also made me firmly believe that this leader's unique personality charm. In the latter half of the year, under the strategic guidance of Jack Gu, we began to plan the factory and build our own Chanshow brand.

Last year, COVID-19 was outbreak. It brought both an opportunity and a challenge for us. The opportunity was that we had more and more orders even we had no time to process them. Instead of enjoying the Spring Festival at home, we were handling customer deliveries. We contacted temporary workers to work overtime on the first day of the lunar New Year. Most of our families didn't understand what we were doing, do not stay at home, run outside, what if we got virus during the epidemic time? But at that time, we all just wanted to do what we could for the epidemic within our abilities. This was our mission! The challenge was that our factory wasn't ready. I needed to monitor that construction was under safe, I also needed to monitor our temperature. During the pandemic, many orders that could not be delivered and suppliers could not help more. This strengthened our belief to do our own brand. At the end of 2020, I felt very honor to attend BGI's supplier conference. At that time, I visited the national Gene Bank, which was a spiritual shock to me. I never felt like what kind of work I was doing. What role do we play in the development of human life sciences. When I saw the application of the product so closely, I was thinking quality was so important to the product. If the quality is not good, not only to the fatal damage to the product, but also not responsible for the industry . This is also one of our values, ‘customer first, quality first’.

Today, chanshow was founded for about five years. Our team is getting stronger and stronger. From four people when I arrived, it has grown to a-hundred-people company. I am deeply proud of the development of chanshow. In the past four years, I have also witnessed the hard-won development of our company. I also understand the difficulty of Jack Gu and Alex Yuan. They were not afraid of hardships to run orders when chanshow had nothing. They had meetings at midnight and discussed solutions on weekends. Everything has a process, a learning process, a process of acceptance and adaptation. In this process, I always grow unconsciously. In today's society, not everyone can do the job he or she like. In chanshow, I can work without distractions, working with such a great team. Although sometimes in order to work, I lose a lot of my personal life time, I have no regrets about this life. I'm willing to put my heart into it. I am confident that we will have more years together, experience more miracles!

Thank you all, my dears!

Teresa Gu

Aug 30,2021