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Enterprise Culture

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Serving the life science, helping scientific

research and diagnosis

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To be the leader of biological

consumables enterprises


Once again with a major strategic change, Chanshow successfully transformed into a R&D and production enterprise, built thousands of square meters of factories by itself, and determined the company's long-term mission of "serving the life science, helping scientific research and diagnosis".​

Chanshow has inaugurated a global research and development hub, increasing its factory space to 8,000 square meters, outfitting it with a state-of-the-art Class 100,000 cleanroom, and introducing 60 new fully automated production lines. This expansion has doubled the company's production capacity and storage capabilities. Additionally, Chanshow has extended its presence with a U.S. branch in San Diego, California, a German branch in Munich, and ongoing preparations for a Singapore branch. The company is witnessing a remarkable surge in its global operations.​


At the beginning of 2021, the production capacity and storage will be expanded several  times, and the global business will continue to grow rapidly.

Novel Coronavirus Outbreak, Chanshow became the key epidemic prevention materials enterprise in Jiangsu Province. and its business increased by more than 6 times. We launched the consumable solution for the whole process of molecular nucleic acid testing,and successfully opened up international market, and began to serve the world's top biological companies and laboratories.

The Development Course

After continuous market exploration, we determined the market strategy of focusing on biological consumables. and became the general agent of American SSI and Canadian  Simport brand in China.

On December 23rd, 2016, Chanshow was officially established in Guohua Building in Suzhou Industrial Park, with an office of only 50 square meters and one employee.


The consumables provided by Chanshow successfully served the whole country, and the business developed rapidly and turned from loss to profit.