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Suzhou Chanshow Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. founded in 2016, we are a creative global supplier of laboratory consumables for the research industry. The headquarter  of Chanshow is located in Suzhou, a beautiful city known as "paradise on earth".

The most stringent standards of quality,ensure high product quality

We have 8,000 square meters factory sites with 100,000 class cleanroom, we begin to expand to 30,000 square meters since 2021.and our production team has many years of experience in consumables production.The injection molding processing equipment uses Fanuc and Toyo, the leading international brands of high-speed, high-precision electric injection molding machines. Our production process strictly follows the requirements of ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality control system.

Innovation is fundamental to the development of the company , the common  knowledge of the team

Since the beginning of the company, we have attached great importance to product research and development. In order to adapt to new development directions and  explore customer

needs, we continue to communicate directly with industry researchers. In our R&D department, we actively promote innovation, from the  beginning of the idea to the end of the product.From now on, we will be more  focused on meeting the personalized needs of our customers in the life sciences field, as well as the ever-changing needs.
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