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About Chanshow
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During the five years of working in Chanshow, I  feel that it is the meaning of life to have a dream and put it into practice.

From the time I founded Chanshow with Mr. Gu, to today's company with over 100 million business scale, I have always kept the original intention, and I am doing what I like to do wholeheartedly in order to realize my dream. When I was writing code, I enjoyed the pleasure of writing code, and now when I talk with customers, I enjoy the pleasure of talking to them. However, looking back, the process of changing myself was painful because I was probably in the process of metamorphosis, I was leaving my comfort zone, but after the metamorphosis was a wider world, because the metamorphosis gave me wings to fly. Painful and happy is how you want to fly upwards.

Try to fly towards the dream in your heart, even if you break your wings, you do not have to feel bad, because you have worked hard, you have a more colorful life than most people. In a pile of caterpillars that have never grown wings, you can proudly talk to them about the more exciting world you have experienced.